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I was born into a psychic family and grew up knowing that our loved ones still exist after death, and they do communicate with us from "The Other Side". My mission is to help those who are grieving by gaining acceptance that life doesn't end with physical death; we still live on "The Other Side". Maybe you didn't get the chance to say goodbye to your loved one, now you can say hello one more time. I want the chance to help heal your grief and give you assurance that our departed loved ones are still part of our lives today!

I am also a Master Level Reiki Master. I have studied "Healing Touch" and have practiced Chakra Balancing for my clients for many years. I am also profecient in teaching workshops on varied subjects of the Metaphysical and Healing modality. I have been reading Tarot for 39 years, and consider it to be one of my strongest abilities for helping my clients.  I love exploring your Past Life with you.  I get to come along for the ride!

    Carole Eve